KineMaster Apk No Watermark In 2023 USA – The best video editor application that is suitable for use by beginners and experts is Kinemaster Pro Apk. Now editing videos is one of the things that can bring in income from the internet.

We can see that there are so many people who are content creators and their main capital is being able to edit videos. Apart from that, if you have basic editing skills, you can work as a freelancer which will bring in rupiah coffers.

If you want to edit videos that are simple and the results are extraordinary, then try using the Kinemaster Pro application. All the features that are there will help the editor in creating amazing video editing work.

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Features of the KineMaster Pro Application that Users Need to Know

Features of the KineMaster Pro Application that Users Need to Know

The best video editor application that can only be used by users via smartphones is Kinemaster Pro. Those who want to learn to edit, edit, or make a video don’t have to use a laptop or PC.

Learning can start from editing videos using an application that is suitable for beginners, namely Kinemaster. This is an application that is quite well-known among expert and novice editors .

The reason is, in this application there are lots of editing features ranging from the basic to the complex. The key is that you must first know how to edit videos, such as cutting, editing, merging videos with others, adding text according to video events, and much more.

The Kinemaster application has the main function as an editing application that can do various things according to user needs. How the video results from the tool depends on your ability to collaborate on each of the available features.

If you seriously want to learn to edit cinematic videos or create content on social media, this application will be very helpful. Especially if the user uses the KineMaster Pro Apk version, the existing editing tools will be much more varied.

Features Features of Kinemaster Pro Premium Mod Apk

Features Features of Kinemaster Pro Premium Mod Apk

Kinemaster Apk allows users to choose which account version they want to use, some are free and some are premium. Free users can use features that don’t have a lock or premium icon. There are quite a lot of features that can be used, but there are limitations if you want to explore other tools.

Therefore, it is better to use Kinemaster Pro so that you can use all the editing features and tools freely. This application can be used for a variety of editing needs ranging from the ordinary to those that require complex processes.

In fact, you can also try editing video recordings that are combined into one to make a film. Or what’s currently trending is the video a day in my life  which records the activities you do throughout the day.

Make videos that are interesting to watch so that people are interested in watching them from start to finish. Who knows, Balittechnologyrubber readers have the potential to become content creators. The first thing to understand about video editing applications is the editing features and tools available in Kinemaster Pro.

Edit Videos With Green Screen

Video editing technology has gradually become more sophisticated because it can change many things from the original video recording. One of them is the chroma key editing feature which is the same feature as the green screen .

The green screen feature makes it easy for editors to edit the background as desired. Maybe you want to try making an advertising video, so you don’t have to bother looking for the background of the recording.

Just record with a green screen background and this chroma key feature will help the editor change the background as needed. When it comes to the world of editing, indeed we can channel all the imagination that is in the mind into a video.

Moreover , it is supported by advanced features from the Kinemaster Pro application which will make it even more convenient for its users.

Dozens of Types of Transition Effects

In video editing, the transition tool is also quite important for adjusting the transition between one video clip to another. Even if in everyday videos the transitions used are normal.

But there are times when the editor will need an interesting transition effect so that the value of the video increases. Users can find dozens of transition effects from various sides, namely up, down, right, and also left.

Just choose which transition suits the purpose of your video and you can adjust the speed and other additions.

Various Interesting Video Animations

If you need animation effects to add an interesting impression to your video edits. The Kinemaster application provides many types of video animations that can be added.

Animation effects can also be adjusted in time and size to better blend with the video clip being edited. In Kinemaster Pro, all the animation effects that you want to use are open, so users can freely choose the type of effect they want to try.

There are also regular video effects that can be used to change the coloring of the video being edited.

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Stabilize Video

When recording videos using a cellphone, the result is that there is often too much movement so the video is unstable. All editors certainly prefer videos that are smooth and like they were taken with a professional camera.

The Kinemaster Pro application provides a stabilizer feature that editors can use to stabilize the motion in the video clip. Usually when recording videos while on the road or taking views, it’s very difficult to smooth.

With this feature, users can adjust how smooth  the movement in the desired video is. The results will be seen once at the end of the edit because it is much more stable and also looks clearer.

Clearer Voice Over Video

If you don’t want to use the original voice in the video, but want to add words in voice form, use the voice over feature. Here the editor can insert the sound recording audio into the edit and then rearrange it to fit the recorded clip.

The average video content creator today always uses voice-over. So, when recording a video, you don’t need to bother with what words to convey. You can edit it on Kinemaster Pro then use this feature.

The result is that the sound in the video is not noisy and what you want to convey is heard clearly. In the voice-over feature too, they can choose the sound effect to be used as well as the speed of the sound.

The existence of this editing tool is very helpful for users who are not confident about speaking directly in front of the camera. People can still convey what is meant according to the video footage that has been taken.

Download the Latest Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk 2023


The Kinemaster application is a video editing apk that can be used using each smartphone. Those who use iOS or Android can find the application on the official download platform on their cell phones.

The default feature that all users will receive is the free account version . If you want to switch to a pro account, you must subscribe first. However, we bring good news because Balittechnologyrubber readers don’t need to pay anything to be able to experience all the premium features available on Kinemaster.

There is already a Kinemaster Pro Mod apk which you can download for free via a separate link. The version of the application that we provide is modified by a third party. Many benefits will be obtained by users of the Kinemaster Pro application.

If you are interested in downloading the modified version, the Kinemaster Pro mod apk application can be downloaded via the link below. Make sure after downloading the editing tool it still needs to be installed manually.

Application NameKinemaster Pro Mod Apk
Size85 MB
OS Device MinimalAndroid 5.0 Above
Streaming App VersionLatest
Link DownloadHere

Advantages of Using the Free Kinemaster Pro Mod Application

Advantages of Using the Free Kinemaster Pro Mod Application

The discussion of the features that we discussed earlier is an overview of the editing tools in this application. All users can try this feature, be it premium or regular users.

If you want to get more advanced features so that your video edits are maximized, then try downloading Kinemaster Pro. The benefits that will be received by users are felt when using the editing features that are there.

Not only does it unlock the usual features, but all the main editing tools and also supporters can be used for free. For those of you who have doubts about modifying the menu in this third-party application.

Maybe with the explanation below you are more confident about downloading the Kinemaster Pro Apk application to your device.

Save Editing Results Without Watermark

Some people may have seen a video with a Kinemaster watermark on it. This application includes video editing that has a watermark in the video and this can interfere with the aesthetics of the edited video.

The watermark from this application can be removed without the need to edit it again in another application. There is an option to save videos without a watermark, which only pro accounts can use.

The advantage that editors will get from this kinemaster mod apk application is that they can save videos without a watermark at any time. There is no need to switch an ordinary account to a pro account because the application downloaded is a modified premium feature.

Both novice and professional editors prefer to save their edits without a watermark from the application. Even if you want to add a watermark, it’s homemade, so how can the shape and location of the watermark be adjusted and not interfere with the final result?

Can Use All Premium Features for Free

Complex features in this application that function more sophisticated than the average premium basic editing tools. Those users who have already downloaded the application can experience all the editing tools available for free.

There are no restrictions on the use of tools and supporting features in the application. Editors can explore what things are suitable to be included in their edits. The editing process will be more enjoyable because there is no limit to it.

If you are curious whether this feature modification actually exists, then see for yourself by downloading the application to your device. For modified versions of features from third parties, only Android users can try it.

Save Video With Highest Quality

To keep the resolution of video clips clear when they have been edited, save the video at the highest quality. This application provides several resolution options that can be used by the editor.

The higher the resolution or quality selected, the larger the video file size that needs to be downloaded. However, the results will not disappoint you painstakingly edit it from start to finish.

For a content creator or video editor, it is mandatory to have a large cellphone storage capacity and qualified cellphone specifications. So that it doesn’t lag, at least the HP RAM that you have is above 3GB.

Use external memory so you can still do the editing process with high quality without worrying about running out of internal memory.

The details of any feature modifications that are there can be found by the user by downloading the Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk directly to the device.

Video Editing Tutorial on Kinemaster for Beginners

Tutorial Edit Video

If this is the first time you want to edit videos through the Kinemaster application and are still confused about how. In this Balittechnologyrubber article, we will also provide an explanation regarding the initial stages of video editing there.

When editing, don’t be afraid to try the available editing tools. If it doesn’t suit you, you can cancel its use because there are already undo and redo features . The important thing that new users need to know is how to start a new editing project within the application.

So that you are more confident about using this editing application, see the video editing tutorial on Kinemaster for beginners.

  • Open any version of the Kinemaster application on your device.
  • Then immediately select the New Project menu . Set the desired video ratio. The ratio can be adjusted according to the final destination where you want to upload the video.
  • If there are photos you want to include, select the photo display mode. Then determine the duration time and also the transition of the photo.
  • Enter the video clip you want to edit and the photo if you have one.
  • If you are ready, just press the Next button .
  • After that the user can continue editing the video until it’s finished.
  • Features and editing tools are available on the left and right of the screen. There are Menu and Replace features that will help,
  • If you want to cancel the command, the undo redo feature is available on the far left.

How to Save Videos Without Watermark on Kinemaster Pro

How to Save Videos Without Watermark

The final stage in editing a video is saving the edited results to the device. Here the editor needs to determine the video resolution you want to save and make sure the result is HD.

This application allows the user to choose the level of resolution that the user wants to save. Adjust to the memory you have so that the saving process can run smoothly.

We will share how to save videos without a watermark through the Kinemaster Pro application.

  • Make sure the video you want to save has finished editing.
  • Then press the arrow button at the top.
  • Then select the video quality resolution and the resulting video frame.
  • After that click Save as Video. Select the No Watermark menu.

Don’t leave the application until the video that we have edited has been successfully saved to the gallery.

When it’s finished, you can immediately see the results through the gallery of each device.

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